Yet another game (and remember I am *AY* *Chip*, 'k? ;)

The idea for this game came to me during a particularly random session on IRC, and as a result is rather strange. would like to make clear to the authorities that it in no way endorses any mafia.
We would also like to make clear to the mafia that we don't mean it seriously and please don't kill us.

So without further ado (well, just a little bit), I present my latest CGC game,
Advanced Body Disposal Simulator

So, you joined the mafia, expecting gunslinging action and all kinds of hoopy stuff, because you're that kind of a cool frood.
Unfortunately, you find that it's not as glamorous as you were led to believe; as a low-ranking mook, your duties consist of chucking bodies in dumpsters.  The bodies of people that the other mafiosi got to kill.

That's pretty much it on the game and story front; now for the technical talk (because everyone loves that, right?)
Unconventionally for the CGC, this game is written chiefly in machine code (albeit with a C wrapper to provide things like the menu, printing functions etc.), in order to make some very interesting (and crap!) things possible.
Chief among these is the in-game music, which is quite an achievement: not only does music play while the action is happening, it also manages to be horrendously out of tune; there are three tracks to choose from, two of which you may recognise (the third was just padding really, and is entitled "Annoying").  Also, through a process of Constructive Laziness, the border is toggled with the beeper, giving rise to a really-broken-loading-bars effect.
The loading screen was created with the pre-alpha of the new version of scrplus, 0.17.x, because scrplus is totally awesome and you absolutely ought to download it and use it for all your screen converting needs (plug plug plug ;)

Yours insincerely,
Edward Cree -->(aka AY Chip)<--LOOK LOOK AT IT THERE IS NAME GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME :P (it's all good fun, eh?)