CSS CGC 2010

Welcome to the comp.sys.sinclair Crap Game Competition 2010!

Nothing satisfies more than playing a game which should never have seen the light of day on account of its crapness - fact! There are many, many computer games in the world.  Many have bugs; some even have bugs that inhibit you from completing it.  Some are so buggy that they frustrate the hell out of you and you quickly assign it to the bin.

But beyond all of the those, there exists a small subset of games that really should have never have left the worn out tape of a C90 cassette which spent the best nine years of its life collecting the fluff down the back of a wanabee programmer's desk.  It is in those games that annoying bugs give way to the comical bliss of taking pleasure playing a REALLY CRAP GAME!

Inspired by the infamous Cascade Cassette 50 this competition aims to give programmers the chance to try their hand at producing a piece of drivel that can reach the holy grail of true crapness. By learning the black arts of don't need to test that bit; it'll work, I'll do proper graphics later and why use QAOP when I can use QUB£ a crappy developer must maximise their technique to compose melodies that make your ears bleed and produce graphics with colours that clash so badly that they will give you nightmares for months to come. Gameplay should crafted to be either intolerably slow or stupidly fast.

This website played host to the 2010 comp.sys.sinclair Crap Game Competition which has now ended.  You can view the games and see the results on this site.  Look out for the latest year's competition and maybe enter your own masterpiece!!!