CSS CGC 2010


Final Month and competition hotting up

1st December 2010

Got a bit behind in reviewing the latest entries but now up-to-date. November saw two new contenders. Entering the last month we expect to see an increase in submissions, everyone is off work at the moment due to the massive freak cold weather. Judging will need to commence soon!

Three new game reviews

24th August 2010

Still the games are coming in. Two in two days this weeekend. Must be the summer holidays!

Games Filter Feature

13th March 2010

Added a mootools/javascript based game filter to the Games page. Tested in FF3.6, Google Chrome and IE8

Smiler in Arrowe Land hits MicroMart!

11th March 2010

Just stumbled upon a write up of our very own Smiler in Arrowe Land by Digital Prawn in MicroMart (Issue 1096, Page 103).  Looks like DP has been pushing ahead and developed this not-so crap game into a sequel and then a trilogy.  Check out all of Prawn's games at here.


18th February 2010

Just did a quick spellcheck on the xml file which sources the Games page. Note to self: Write the review article in Word, spell check and then copy to site!

Bit of SEO

14th February 2010

Posted up and reviewed our first emulator submission, by Insert Coin. Thought I should add a bit of basic SEO to the site, not that I think the site is going to be stubled upon randomly by google goers!

First six weeks

8th February 2010

It has been an active first six weeks in the competition with four out of five authors submitting at least two games each (three in Apenao's case). All games so far are for the ZX Spectrum which makes me wonder when our first pre-Spectrum entry will come in. Hopefully not too long. Uploaded the Published the Links page which I had prepared last week. Also, published the blog page to log changes to the site and progress of the competition.